"You've got the passion for kids' fitness, the desire to impact young lives, and the dream to build a thriving business.


We've developed the PL3Y Kids Fitness Foundation Course that comes with DANCEPL3Y Instructor Certification and 1 year membership to help you unlock your full potential, launch your first class, and take that very first step to shape a future without time and money boundaries. Join us today and embark on your journey to success with confidence!"

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Hey You,

Welcome to PL3Y!

This is the community where passionate fitness leaders from across the globe come together with a common mission to deliver quality fitness programs and successful businesses!
Over the past decade, we've empowered countless movement leaders to unlock their full potential, transform their passion into profit, and bring their vision to life.

How did we do it?

By guiding them through our time-tested pre-packaged fitness programs, business launch tools and training to help you fast-forward into making that difference in the lives of kids.


With us, you'll discover how to:

  • Develop your skills in leading engaging and interactive fitness classes with children

  • Understand children’s physical, mental and social development

  •  Learn and how to teach fitness programs where kids develop fundamental movement skills, feel confident with movement, and discover a motivation to be active for life

  • Understand how children develop motor skills, and how to coach them

  •  Explore various ways to set structure, and strategies for group management

  • Learn verbal cueing to lead engaging, supportive and inclusive classes

  •  Lead fitness classes, yoga sequences and music-driven movement

Plus access to:

  • Pre-made lesson plans

  • Tutorial videos

  • Choreography notes

  • Next level instructing skills

  • Physical literacy training

  • Marketing materials, branding and more

And....A YEAR LONG MEMBERSHIP TO PL3Y where you will get:

  • Access to the Online Database, where you'll find playlists, choreography videos, and lesson plans to keep your classes fresh and exciting

  •  Customizable marketing materials to help you promote your classes effectively 

  • Access to an encouraging and supportive network of instructors

What is the PL3Y Kids Fitness Foundation Course, DANCEPL3Y Certification, and 1 year membership and who is it for?

It's the ultimate online learning platform for passionate fitness instructors who aim to ignite a thriving kids fitness business. We equip you with the know-how to craft engaging kids fitness programs and services, with less overwhelm, less uncertainty and a whole lot more confidence!  

It's for passionate fitness instructors who have already taken the first steps in building their kids fitness business - they know their purpose, but might be feeling stuck in making substantial progress or achieving consistent income. 

If you have a dream to teach kids fitness and build a business but haven't taken the leap yet, we are here to help you fast-track your success! We've distilled all our knowledge and expertise from empowering thousands of fitness entrepreneurs worldwide and channeled it into this comprehensive program and bundle.


It's for fitness instructors who know they're destined for more...


✅ More positive impact on kids

✅ More opportunity to make income doing what they love (teaching kids!)

 And it's for those who want to create the perfect blend of... 

💰 More opportunity for income

⚡ A positive impact on kids' well-being

💕 The joy of doing what you love


The PL3Y Kids Fitness Foundation Course, DANCEPL3Y Certification, and 1 year PL3Y membership has been thoughtfully crafted to provide you with exactly what you need at every stage of your journey to teach kids effectively and build a thriving kids fitness business while achieving your unique version of success. Whether you're just starting or already on your way, we've got you covered with the tools, training, and community support to make your dream career and business a reality. 

For some fitness enthusiasts, 'having it all' means building a thriving kids fitness business that allows them more freedom to spend time with family and friends, to travel, or to check off their bucket list while making a positive impact on children's lives.  

For others, it means having the financial means to stop living paycheck to paycheck, to be able to qualify to buy a home, or simply indulge in whatever they desire without guilt. And for many, having it all simply means doing something that you love and making a difference in the lives of kids: 

✨ Enjoying extra money in your pocket to not have financial stress or worry about buying things you’ve always wanted

✨ Feeling fulfilled having a positive impact on kids

✨ Taking the first step towards building a business that is scalable, opening you up to more time freedom

However, the sad reality is that many are trapped in the cycle of trading time for money, working to build someone else's dream, or even teaching kids but doing it all for free!. But we are in an age where having it all is possible for anyone with a vision, a laptop, and the right support, tools, and resources.

Just imagine where you could be in 12 months if:

✅ You were handed a customized blueprint with precise steps tailored to your goals.

✅ You could learn from experienced fitness professionals who have been in your shoes, teaching kids fitness and building successful programs, and are eager to share their knowledge with you.

If this sounds like a dream come true, then you're in the perfect place at the perfect time with our Kids Fitness Foundation Course , DANCEPL3Y Certification, and 1 year PL3Y membership.

We offer a comprehensive program that equips you with the skills, knowledge, and resources to successfully teach kids fitness and start a business allowing you to experience the life you envision. Our courses cover coaching skills, classroom management, and effective teaching methods to engage kids in fitness and dance programs. 

Join our supportive community of like-minded instructors, access pre-made lesson plans, marketing materials, and gain the confidence to lead engaging and inclusive classes. With the right guidance and mentorship, you can make your dream career and business a reality and enjoy the freedom, success, and joy that comes with it. Don't wait any longer; take the first step towards building your dream business with our Kids Fitness Foundation Course, DANCEPL3Y Certification, and 1 Year PL3Y membership.

Will you seize this golden opportunity to create a fulfilling life and a thriving kids fitness business, making a real difference, just like I did?

I understand that embarking on a new venture can be daunting,

but remember that “every great journey begins with a single step” - Maya Angelou 

I was once in your shoes, struggling to figure out how to actually make (good) money teaching kids fitness. I started out as a passionate physical education teacher, driven by the desire to get kids active and provide positive experiences with movement. However, I quickly realized that working  in the education system was exhausting and limited my ability to truly connect with my students, as I spent more time balancing policies, behaviors, report cards and administrative tasks than on actually teaching.

Frustrated with the system, I shifted gears and pursued a corporate job that provided financial stability, but my heart yearned for more. Determined to combine my love for working with kids and my ambition to create a thriving business, I delved into studying business models that offered flexibility and the opportunity for financial stability.

This journey led me to create DANCEPL3Y programs, bringing high-energy dance classes to kids and promoting their mental well-being.

Simultaneously, I built a business model that allowed me to deliver these classes to schools across my city creating a fulfilling and profitable career.

Picture yourself in just 6 or 12 months, having built a successful kids fitness business that allows you to inspire and empower countless children, while enjoying the freedom to design your life on your terms. 

Imagine the joy and fulfillment this would bring to your life, the financial freedom you could attain, and the number of lives you could positively impact.

We have carefully crafted this bundle to take the guesswork out of building your business, offering you clear steps to follow and empowering you to have it all. Success is within your reach, and I am here to guide you every step of the way. 

You'll witness inspiring results from others who have taken this journey, and their success is a testament to what's possible for you too! 👇

Here are just a few of the incredible success stories our members have shared with us:

Liezel, Vancouver

So stoked that I got the [DANCEPL3Y Kids Bundle]! It's been a month since the course and it's paying off already!


Nicole, Lac La Biche

The best personal development I have had in a long time - and I had fun doing it. Thank you DANCEPL3Y!!!

Lisa, Burlington

The course was amazing and helped me be a more positive, fun version of myself. I can’t wait to share this amazing, awesomeness with everyone!


Ben, Calgary

This DANCEPL3Y Instructor course has provided me with so many tools and dance based strategies I can use in my kids programs TOMORROW! The quality of this training is the best I've ever experienced. Thank you so much!

Chelsea, Surrey

Having a blast of a time with kids in the Active After Schools Program with DANCEPL3Y - they are loving it! The [site] staff advised that these kids did not engage with other programs they had offered. She said that there are a lot of behavioural issues involved with quite a few of the kids and that this was one of the few occasions where they had seen the kids get involved, so that is a really cool thing I got to be a part of because of this program!


Amanda, Edmonton

I have truly enjoyed this entire experience! From day 1 I loved the layout and setup of this course, It is super easy to use and overall very interactive. I have learnt a lot about myself and have stepped out of my comfort zone from the first zoom call to posting comments in the modules. In learning new dances not only do you get active and moving but you get to play and coach. I have to say dancing and coaching in my living room to myself from the first dance I was taught has been the best!

These people are living proof of what can happen when you commit to showing up, taking action, and investing in yourself and your happiness.

Here is what you get:


Kids Fitness Instructor Foundations Course ($297)

  • Movement Patterns and Progressions: Learn how kids grow and develop, and which skills they can be learning at each age and phase.
  • Program Design: Learn the ‘secret sauce’ of what makes our kids fitness programs unique, and how to design a quality kids fitness experience using one of our pre-made programs.
  • Classroom Management: Learn strategies and practice skills to keep kids engaged while setting structure and managing behaviors.
  • Coaching and Cueing: Practice the essential coaching and cueing skills needed to create positive, supportive and FUN fitness environments for kids.

DANCEPL3Y Certification ($497)

  • Train in one of our PL3Y programs and be recognised as a “Certified” DANCEPL3Y Instructor.
  • Access to pre-made dances tutorials, choreography notes, next level instructing skills, class launch tools  and more....

One Year PL3Y Membership ($468)

  • access the tools and training to build a thriving business
  • access the Online Database, where you'll find playlists and choreography videos regularly updated to keep your classes fresh and exciting.
  • customizable marketing materials to help you promote your classes effectively
  • a license to use our internationally accredited PL3Y brand to promote your classes.
  • become part of an encouraging and supportive network of instructors. Connect with fellow instructors through our exclusive Facebook group and regular community gatherings, where you can share ideas, successes, and gain inspiration.
That is a total value of $1,262+



Gain the clarity, focus, and strategies essential to teaching Kids Fitness and create the life you truly desire and deserve.



You're here to make big things happen, and I'm here to show you how to unlock your potential and take the right steps to get you to where you want to be!

It's truly magical what can happen when you decide to show up, make time for your dreams, and commit wholeheartedly to making it happen. And I know all about taking that leap of faith and chasing your passion.

When I started my journey in kids' fitness, I faced challenges, doubts, and moments of uncertainty, just like everyone else. But what made the difference was the support I had from a community of like-minded individuals who cheered me on, celebrated my milestones, and picked me up when I stumbled.

That's what the PL3Y community is all about. 

You won't be riding the rollercoaster of overwhelm on how to teach, structure classes, come up with programs, and launch your first classes on your own. The entire community will be here to support you, guide you, and share their experiences.

And you'll have me in your corner, backing you every step of the way! I've been through the ups and downs of learning how to teach kids fitness and start a business, and I'm here to share my knowledge, expertise, and encouragement with you.

So, are you ready to take that leap, embrace the journey, and start teaching kids fitness? Let's make it happen together!


I pieced my kids fitness business jigsaw puzzle together, overcame my fears, and figured out how to build a wildly successful kids fitness business.

I’ve managed to...

🥊  Deliver programs in over 650 schools

🥊  Train over 1,250 instructors my kids fitness program methodology

🥊  Launch 22 regional school fitness businesses

🥊  Support over one hundred local recreation businesses

🥊  Travel to 13 countries to teach DANCEPL3Y workshops

🥊  Impact more than 3.5 million kids!


Just like building any business, creating a thriving kids fitness business requires determination, a solid plan, and the support of a community. And that's exactly what we've built here at PL3Y. 

Our proven Kids Fitness Foundation Course, DANCEPL3Y certification and 1 year PL3Y bundle has empowered numerous fitness leaders like you to make a real difference in the lives of children while achieving financial success. 

Are you ready to take the next step and join our thriving kids fitness instructors? Let's create something extraordinary together!


And making them happen was no accident.

There's a strategy for getting into the right mindset and overcoming your doubts.

There's a strategy for setting up your kids fitness business.

There's a strategy for building a community of enthusiastic young participants.

There's a strategy for creating irresistible fitness programs.

Bottom line: there's a strategy for making a significant impact on children's lives, achieving financial success, and creating the kids fitness business of your dreams.

And I want to share them with you and help you implement them so that you can build a thriving kids fitness business that brings you joy and fulfillment.

So are you ready to join us and make it happen? Let's embark on this exciting journey together, where you'll learn the skills, gain the knowledge, and receive the support you need to create a lasting and meaningful impact on the lives of children through fitness and movement. Get ready to inspire, empower, and have a successful kids fitness business that aligns with your dreams and aspirations!


Our Kids Fitness Foundation, DANCEPL3Y Certification, and 1 Year PL3Y Membership Club IS BUILT FOR PASSIONATE KIDS FITNESS ENTREPRENEURS...

These are real stories of our incredible members who started from various backgrounds and found their passion for kids' fitness. They battled self-doubts and challenges, and they transformed their dreams into reality.

Whether you're a dedicated summer camp instructor, a passionate sports coach, or an individual with a knack for movement and kids, we welcome you with open arms.

The Kids Fitness Foundation Course bundle is designed to support entrepreneurs, mompreneurs, and solopreneurs who juggle multiple responsibilities while pursuing their love for working with kids.

Our community is diverse, with members hailing from all over the world and from all walks of life, each with unique challenges, perspectives, and stories to share. The best part is, you don't have to go through this journey alone. Our PL3Y Membership is a vibrant space where you'll find support, inspiration, and guidance from like-minded individuals who understand the joys and struggles of running a kids fitness business.

The Kids Fitness Foundation, DANCEPL3Y certification and 1 year membership is your ticket to unlocking your potential and building your empires from scratch. It's time to turn your passion for movement and working with kids into a thriving and fulfilling business that leaves a lasting impact on young lives.

Are you ready to take the leap, join our community of fiercely ambitious kids fitness entrepreneurs, and make your dreams come true?

Let's embark on this journey together and transform your passion into a successful kids fitness business that reflects who you are and what you love!

1️⃣ You will receive an email with your access to the online Kids Fitness Instructor Program, and DANCEPL3Y Certification training

2️⃣ You’ll create a membership login

3️⃣ You will go to your Dashboard where you can access the trainings and templates.

4️⃣ Another email will be sent with the link to our private FB group.

5️⃣ You will work at your own pace through the materials.

6️⃣ And now you are ready to launch your first class!

Our Kids Instructor Fitness Foundation Course, DANCEPL3Y Certification, and 1 Year PL3Y Membership Bundle is FOR YOU if...


 ✨  Fitness instructors passionate about kids' fitness

✨  Individuals looking to make a positive impact on children's lives

✨  Those seeking to kickstart their career in kids' fitness instruction

✨  School teachers who want to make an extra side income teaching part-time

✨  Instructors wanting to specialize in our award-winning DANCEPL3Y program (Voted #1 by over 54,000 students on the Discovery Education Channel) 

✨  Aspiring entrepreneurs aiming to build a successful kids' fitness business

✨  Fitness professionals wanting access to valuable business launch tools and training

✨  Anyone seeking to join a supportive community of like-minded instructors

✨  Those looking for pre-made lesson plans, choreography notes, and marketing materials


 Here is a summary of what you will get:

🎉 Kids Fitness Instructor Foundation Course: Learn everything you need to know to teach kids fitness programs, including coaching skills, classroom management, and engaging teaching methods.


🎉 DANCEPL3Y PL3Y Certification: Become a certified PL3Y instructor with access to pre-made lesson plans, choreography notes, and marketing materials to lead high-energy dance programs for kids.


🎉 1-Year Membership to PL3Y: Access valuable business launch tools, training, and support to build a thriving kids fitness business. Includes an Online Database with regular updates of playlists, choreography videos, or lesson plans.


🎉  Supportive Community: Join an exclusive Facebook group and attend regular community gatherings to connect with like-minded kids fitness instructors, share ideas, and gain inspiration.


🎉  Impactful Program: Learn how to deliver fitness programs that promote children's physical, mental, and social development, encouraging them to develop fundamental movement skills and lead active lives.


🎉  Pre-Packaged Programs: Gain access to PL3Y's pre-made programs, eliminating the need to start from scratch and saving time in creating engaging and effective classes for kids.


🎉  Business Launch Strategy: Benefit from a proven business model that offers flexibility and financial success while making a difference in kids' lives.


🎉  Expert Guidance: Receive insights and experiences from Mel, the founder, who has successfully built a 7-figure business in kids fitness and can provide valuable mentorship.


🎉 Real Success Stories: Be inspired by the success stories of other members who have built thriving kids fitness businesses and impacted the lives of thousands of children.


🎉  Step-by-Step Pathway: Follow a clear and proven pathway to build your successful kids fitness business, leaving behind uncertainty and confusion.


🎉 Lifetime Access: Enjoy lifetime access to the Kids Fitness Foundations Coursenallowing you to revisit materials, access future updates, and continue growing as an instructor and entrepreneur.


🎉  Flexibility: Study at your own pace with a 6-month completion window for the DANCEPL3Y Certification course, ensuring you have enough time to absorb the content and apply it effectively.


🎉  Confidence and Empowerment: Feel empowered with the skills and knowledge to create a lasting impact on children's lives and build a thriving business that aligns with your passion for fitness and working with kids.

Embark on this exciting journey today and equip yourself with everything you need to create a successful, fulfilling, and impactful kids fitness business!

Save NOW!

Regular price of $1262 but you just pay $497 now, that is over 50% discount.



Join us now and unlock your potential to make a real difference in kids' lives while creating a thriving and fulfilling business of your dreams. The journey to success starts with a single step, and we're here to walk alongside you every step of the way. Don't wait any longer to embrace your passion for kids' fitness and the freedom to design your life on your terms. Together, let's empower the next generation to move, dance, and thrive!